Energizing & mitochondria

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Measuring the impact of active ingredients directly on mitochondrial respiration or interactions that mitochondria have with the central metabolism allows you to determine their energizing properties.

Measuring ATP is not enough to substantiate energizing claims. Indeed, proportional oxygen consumption and ATP production are needed to properly energize the cell. Understanding where the ATP comes from is also essential to promote efficient energy production.

ICDD's solutions

Use various cell models

At the basal level, energy production can be measured in several human primary skin cell models (fibroblasts, keratinocytes, etc.).

Additionally, energy production is altered in senescent cells. We offer a senescent cell model using human fibroblasts to target energizing compounds with anti-aging properties.

Which technology to use

BBS or BBS+ package

The Bioenergetic Balance Screen (BBS/BBS+) is a performant multiplexed assay developed to measure mitochondrial energy production and central metabolism in a same cell. It is the best way to demonstrate energizing effects and to understand the mechanism of action of your active ingredients or finished products.

The BBS is the multiplexed and integrated measurements, in a same cell, of:

  • Oxygen consumption
  • ATP production
  • Glycolysis level
  • Cell viability
  • TCA cycle turning (BBS+ only)
BBS- Screening NEW

Use this simplified application of the Bioenergetic Balance Screen to screen compounds for energizing properties. It consists in the multiplexed measurement, in a same cell, of:

  • Oxygen consumption
  • ATP production
  • Cell viability