Innovative technologies targeting mitochondria

ICDD is a biotech company and mitochondrial expert that provides the healthcare industry with innovative proprietary screening platforms to better achieve targeted research to accelerate drug development and bring greater benefits to the patient.

ICDD believes that by helping reduce product development costs by developing and making available the appropriate decision-making tools and product development technologies, researchers will be encouraged to tackle some of the more difficult to treat diseases that are associated with high overall costs to society, such as neurodegenerative diseases.

ICDD operates 2 distinct pharmaceutical business units:

  • A partnering research organization (PRO), which offers a state-of-the-art research facility and an experienced team to help pharmaceutical companies of all sizes identify drug safety and efficacy using innovative in vitro human models for CNS diseases, cancer, anti-virals, cardio-protection, and metabolic indications.
  • An R&D unit focused on personalized medicine and diagnostics for CNS diseases, with a particular attention to patient stratification and the identification of pre-dementia stages of neurodegeneration.

ICDD also helps researchers in the cosmetic industry better understand the mechanisms by which healthy aging and personnal care can be promoted through the engagement of the mitochondrial network function and behavior. ICDD is the ideal partner to the cosmetic industry to scientifically substantiate commercial claims for active ingredients using in vitro pertinent human models, an alternative to animal experimentation.

They work with us: Big Pharma, Biotechs, Foundations and Patients' Groups, Cosmetics

Innovation, expertise, confidence


Proprietary platforms providing decision-making tools adapted to the fast-pace required by the industry.


More than 60 years of combined scientific experience to respond to your needs in lead discovery and optmization, safety assessment, and identification of mechanisms of action.


Our technologies have yielded products successfully developed in clinical phase that have obtained EMA and FDA approval and/or are on market. Our business includes a large proportion of returning customers, which reflects the quality of our science and the degree of satisfaction achieved.

Key dates and milestones

ICDD is founded

ICDD was founded by 4 scientists who believed that generating decision tools enabling optimization of development processes for health products would drive safer more targeted medicine for patients.

Cellesis toxicity profiler launched

New models

Cellulomic technology was used to generate translatable patient-derived cell models.

Structuration as a Partner Research Organization (PRO)

Mitochondrial liabilities and toxicity

Mitochondrial liabilities are recognized as one of the causes for previously unrecognized drug toxicity responsible for phase 2 drug failures (Dykens & Will, Drug Discovery Today, (2007) 12:777-785).

Laureate of the CCETI-Emergence award


ICDD's Mitosafe® technology provides bioassays to analyze mitochondrial liabilities in non-permeabilized live cells.

Laureate of GE's Award for Women Entrepreneurship

Finalist of the “Cap Santé” innovation prize (CCIMP)

Laureate of the CAP INNOVATION 2008 Award

Category “Espoir création-incubation”

Expansion of services offered

Expansion of Mitosafe®'s reach and portfolio of services to document mechanisms of action of products targeting mitochondria using Bioenergetics, Redox status and mtDNA content markers.


Initial love money round of 400K€ completes 1.2 million € of non-dilutive funding.

Laureate of the Création-développement award (OSEO-French Ministry of Research and Industry)

Mitostream® and CNS diseases

ICDD's Mitostream cellulomic technology is used for modelling & diagnostic tool development in CNS diseases (AD and HD).

Validation of Cellesis toxicity profiler

ICDD's Cellesis toxicity profiler is industrially validated through independent benchmarking with the Drug Safety Executive Council.

APHM partnership - AD blood markers

ICDD develops blood markers to identify pre-dementia stages of AD through a partnership with Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Marseille.

Pharmacog IMI consortium partnership

ICDD becomes a partner of the Pharmacog IMI consortium for the validation of MCI patient stratification tools.


Round A of 800K€ secured with the participation of Grand Delta, Var BA, PACA Investissement/Turenne management.

ICDD goes global

ICDD's team's scientific expertise in mitochondrial testing is recognized in the global market of health products with clients in Europe, the USA, and Asia in the pharmaceutical, phyto-chemical, nutraceutic, and cosmetic markets.

First Cellesis success

First drug tested through the Cellesis toxicity profiler reaches market and makes millions!

Michael J. Fox Foundation gives support

The MJFF supports ICDD for it's Parkinson's disease models and marker development.

CAP Creation and BPPC convert their convertible bonds in ICDD

New facilities

ICDD moves to its new facility in Gemenos (2400 sq ft., lab and offices).

ADFlag® blood diagnostic panel

Initial proof of principal of superior performances of ADflag® blood diagnostic panel with respect to stratification of patients suffering from pre-dementia cognitive loss.

Our scientific team

The scientists at ICDD boast a combined experience of more than 60 years in drug development, biochemistry, cell biology and neuroscience, having analyzed more than 100s of new chemical entities at different stages of their development.

General manager
Technology and innovation

Project manager
Lab manager
Project manager

Nathalie Compagnone - Founder, CEO, and CSO

Nathalie Compagnone, Ph.D., double competency in Neurosciences & Business

Dr. Compagnone, formerly at executive positions in biotech companies dedicated to drug development in Neurodegenerative diseases, has used her professional experience and continued training in Healthcare industry management to start and run ICDD.

Dr Compagnone is a trained neuroscientist, who received her Ph.D. in 1993 after completing an Engineering degree from ESA. She was the principal investigator of a research laboratory at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry in 2004. Dr. Compagnone is specialized in system biology, molecular & cellular imaging, and image analysis. She has also trained in business management and received a certificate in Bioentrepreneurship (CBE) from UCSF, followed by the completion of an executive MBA program from IAE (Aix-en Provence), and a mini-MBA in the management of innovation from Rutgers University. She regularly completes modules from HEC executive education (Paris).

Dr. Compagnone assumes the positions of CEO and CSO at ICDD.

Clotilde Biscarrat - Technology & Innovation General Manager

Clotilde Biscarrat holds a Master in biology and an Engineering degree in microelectronic from ENSMEE. She has extensive experience in bioassays & product development gained in biomarker and pharmaceutical companies (Immunotech, Trophos). She completed this professional experience with a degree in Microelectronic after joining ICDD in 2007.

Clotilde Biscarrat worked under Dr. Compagnone’s management at Trophos and joined ICDD shortly after the creation of the company.

She is responsible for the management of innovation and technologies, and is responsible for a team of three scientists working across the different domains of activity of the company. She monitors and controls all scientific operations.

Nesrine Abboud – Project Manager

Nesrine Abboud holds a PhD in Biology & Biotechnology. She specializes in stem cell biology.

After the completion of her doctoral studies, she was a postdoctoral researcher in an INSERM laboratory. She was responsible for an epigenetic project on the cardiogenic specification of human and mouse embryonic stem cells. She then occupied a second postdoctoral position in a CNRS laboratory, where she was responsible for a project studying the gene expression variability as a merge element of culture formats of mouse embryonic stem cells induction to otic cell fate.

She is currently responsible for the operation and development of the patient-derived cell model platform of the company.

Pauline Picamal – Laboratory Manager

Pauline Picamal holds a Bachelor in Cellular Biology and Physiology and a Master's in Biochemistry with a double competency in Nutrition.

She manages the laboratory and oversees the work activities and personnel of the scientific laboratory. Pauline is responsible for organizing and controlling all aspects of a laboratory environment, including Health and Security as well as compliance with internal SOP warranting the respect of our quality statement.

Beatrice Blanc – Project Manager

Beatrice Blanc holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Notre Dame (IN, USA). She specializes in recombinant protein production.

Before joining ICDD, she was a post-doctorate fellow at the CEA in Grenoble, where her work focused on enzyme kinetics and protein characterization that reinforced her skills in protein chemistry. Beatrice has a solid interdisciplinary scientific background with a main focus on protein expression and characterization.

Since joining ICDD in 2014 as project manager, she has been involved in the development and operation of diagnostic production & processing, and participates in assay development and validation.