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Mitochondria are pertinent targets for efficient drugs, cosmetics or functional food for better health and safer products. Find out how our tests can help advance your projects in demonstrating mechanisms of action and getting pre-clinical proof of principle.

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ICDD is set to identify blood makers specifically for presymptomatic stages of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington’s disease using cellulomics in innovative patient-derived cell models & blood protein profiling.

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You have a drug that target CNS diseases and cancers. We have companion diagnostic tests and platforms to identify subset of patients that respond to and tolerate your drug. Let’s work together to advance patient health and disease clinical management.

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The Science of Possibility


Understanding complex processes and their dynamics is how ICDD progresses toward the identification of new candidate biomarkers associated with disease progression and/or drug response.


Journée annuelle de DHUNE
ICDD is proud to attend the first Annual DHUNE Day! Meet us there to learn about our work with our partners on neurodegenerative diseases and aging.
CTAD San Diego
Come meet Nathalie Compagnone who will present ICDD's ADFlag®, an innovative diagnostic blood test for Alzheimer's available for patient stratification!
In‑Cosmetics London
Thank you to everyone who visited us on our stand this year in Paris and to those who participated in our quiz! See you next year in London!

What we do

  • Disease modeling through mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Comprehensive assessment of cell metabolism in a multiplexed fashion
  • Assessment of mitochondrial liabilities
  • Identify whether ROS production is damageable in your system
  • Performances of mtDNA control
  • Selecting disease-modifying drugs for CNS
  • Profiling clinical tolerance at the pre-clinical stage
  • Personalized medicine diagnostic co-development
  • Molecular determinants of drug response & tolerance
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  • Twendee by TIMA Japan
  • Biorevitalizing effect of a novel facial serum containing apple stem cell extract, pro-collagen lipopeptide, creatine, and urea on skin aging signs
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